Available for Adoption


If you've ever dreamed of a long-haired German shepherd, Hank may be your wish come true. He's just 13 months old and oh so handsome! Hank is a typical "teenager" German shepherd who still has some growing to do (and some manners to learn). Hank's only fault is that he is a very dominant dog. He thinks he needs to be in control and therefore takes an extremely strong personality in a handler. Hank does not respect women -even experienced female handlers- and as such will ONLY be adopted to a male ( sorry ladies, he is just not the dog for you :( ) We hate to put such a restriction on a dog, but we know what is best for Hank and we know his forever home is out there waiting. Hank is fostered with our trainer who will meet any adopters and speak in detail about his training.

Adoption Application