Available for Adoption


*        She LOVES other dogs. She has not met another dog that she doesn't
like. Cats - probably a no.
*        She can handle kids. She usually has enough and just goes and lays
down when they get too loud. She's not aggressive towards them or anything
but doesn't get overly excited when they are around.
*        Flaw, she is a counter surfer.  From the foster home :  "We are
working on this cause literally I walked in to my kitchen last Wednesday,
and she was sitting on my bar like she belonged there. If I wasn't in shock,
I would have reached for my camera first but I just froze."  Lol !!  
*        She doesn't LOVE men. I've really only found two men that she will
warm up to. She doesn't have an issue with females at all.
*        She loves her crate. If I can't find her, she is laying in her
crate. She's protective over her crate and will need work on this issue.  
*        A more quiet family is probably best. A single female would be ideal
but I think she will warm up to a male she is around all the time.
*        She's attached to my hip. Literally my shadow 24-7. She doesn't like
to do anything if she can't see me-including going outside. So she doesn't
like to just hang outside alone.
*        Completely housebroken.
*        Awesome on a leash. She does 3-4 miles a day and loves it.  

The $250 adoption fee includes full vetting, the DHPP, Rabies, Bordatella, Canine Flu vaccines, spay/neuter and microchipping.

Adoption Application