Available for Adoption


If you're looking for a German shepherd to train for agility, this is your girl.  Lena is 2 years old with high energy, high drive and a high IQ.  She has a nice bone structure and still has growing to do.  Her leaping ability is amazing, so you'll need a yard with a 5-6 ft. privacy fence, or to leash-walk her.  Lena is dark with markings similar to a Belgian shepherd and she certainly has the drive and agility to go along with those beautiful looks.

The drive that would make Lena a great agility dog also means she won't do well in a home with cats, small dogs or young children.  She can probably do well in a pack with a large, stable male.  This girl is looking for an owner who knows German shepherds and values their breed characteristics.  If you want an active dog for work and play, Lena is waiting for you!

Adoption Application