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Roxy is a German Pinscher, a rare breed of dog in the US and deserving of research before obtaining one.  Roxy was born May 26, 2014.   She is house and crate trained.   She likes other dogs but can be pushy with dogs smaller than her.  Roxy needs continued training and a disciplined household to flourish.  She is smart, stubborn, and very strong willed!!

Roxy loves her toys, head rubs, and sleeping under the covers when allowed.  She has a very very high level of energy, so regular exercise is a must.  She travels well and would do best in a home where she can spend most of the day with her person.  

Right Breed for You?

A working dog, German Pinschers possess a natural instinct to hunt vermin and protect home and family. This creates a dog with strong prey drive and a strong will. However, they are willing learners and they make wonderful multipurpose companions with firm but gentle and consistent discipline. A high-energy breed, they enjoy activities with their owners and require daily exercise. Their smaller size makes them suitable for city or country life, but they enjoy having a yard in which to run. The breed's short coat needs little maintenance

Be familiar with this breed and its training needs prior to submitting an adoption application. 

The $400 adoption fee includes full vetting,  DHPP, Rabies,spay/neuter and microchipping. 

To apply, go to www.caninepetrescue.com and submit an application.  Emails will not be returned until the application is received.

Adoption Application