Canine Pet Rescue Helps Save Abused GSDs

The first weekend in January Canine Pet Rescue took part in an operation to save hundreds of abused dogs from a puppy mill in Higgstown, Georgia. For years animal advocacy groups have been calling for action. Finally neighbors got the attention of authorities by sending pictures of the horrific conditions to the police. Felony animal cruelty charges were brought against the breeder and the dogs have been released to local rescuers. Wading through mud and feces to get to the dogs, over 30 of these abused German Shepherds were brought to Canine Pet Rescue by our team.

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The needs of these dogs are many. Here’s what we need now:

Food: We use Salmon and sweet potato because it’s low allergen and these dogs will need the fish. If you have a Costco membership, it’s called Natures Domain and is in the blue bag. No Costco membership, no problem! Blue Buffalo Wliderness is also a great one.

Supplements: Fish oil and Glucosamine. Fish oil can be pills 1000-1200 mg or liquid. Glucosamine- Glycoflex Plus by Vetriscience. We are being specific about supplements and food because we expect health issues and immunity compromises.

Leashes: Dual handle leashes are greatly appreciated! Paws Lifestyles heavy duty two handled leashes are $13.95 each on Amazon. Any heavy canvas or leather leash with a metal clip will work.artingale collars-again, a specific type we use for the GSDs. We need small and medium as well as large.

Other: Toys-black Kongs, antlers, black rubber balls and jolly balls.

Most of all we need money. Heartworm meds and flea/tick meds, spay and neuter services and so many other items mst be made available now! If you can't donate goods, please give money. Clik on the "donate now" button at the top of the page.

Finally, we need fosters and adopters. For every foster, we can bring one more dog home tomorrow. Please consider fostering if you can. If you are already approved as a foster or adopter for CPR, you may be able to pick up a dog now!


Montgomery County Puppy Mill Bust
Foster & Adoption Q&A

(Q) How many dogs did you take from the puppy mill bust?   
(A) Canine Pet Rescue pulled 31 dogs in conjunction with several other rescue partners.

(Q) Are there any puppies available?
(A) There were no puppies at the Montgomery County site. All dogs are 1-9 years old.

(Q) Will these dogs get along with my .... cat, dog, kid, gerbil ?  
(A) Please look at the photos and understand where these dogs came from. They were living in filth and have never been inside a house, had clean water, much less a bed or a gerbil.  They will take patience and love and training- and lots of it.  While we understand that many people feel sorry for them and want to help, it will take a very special home to show them the love and understanding that they need.

(Q) I live out of state, can I foster?
(A) Foster parents must be within 3.5 hours of Canine Pet Rescue (Dacula, GA) The reason for this is you may be required to show up with 12 hours notice on a Saturday for a meet and greet with a potential new family for your foster pup!

(Q) If I am approved to foster a dog, what costs will I be responsible for?
(A) Expenses for fostering are largely covered by CPR.  All medical costs, along with heartworm and flea & tick medications, are covered. Usually the single expense the foster family covers is food, and CPR has provisions to cover even that.  Also, thanks to a June, 2011 ruling by a U.S. Tax Court judge, fostering costs are tax deductible!

(Q) If I am approved to adopt a dog, what medical screening has been completed by Canine Pet Rescue?
(A) All adopted dogs are fully vetted including an extensive blood panel to ensure that they are free from disease and that organs are functioning properly.

(Q) How do I apply to adopt or foster?
(A) Please complete the form on our website at The foster app and adoption app are the same form! Simply click "apply now" at the bottom of the home screen on the CPR website to complete the form. We have received a number of applications and are carefully reviewing each of them to find the right fit for each dog.

(Q) What can you do to help?
(A) We need volunteers to feed, walk and care for the dogs at our kennel facility in Dacula, GA as well as supplies for all the dogs in our rescue.  To volunteer, email

(Q) What if I live too far away to foster or volunteer but I still want to help?
(A) We are still accepting donations to at our Network For Good website. These donations will go to vetting, food, boarding, and training consultations for all the Montgomery Puppy Mill Bust pups. Simply click the “donate now” heart at the top of the home screen! Or you can copy and paste the link below