Welcome to Canine Pet Rescue

Canine Pet Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue organization focusing on saving German Shepherds from high kill shelters in the South. Our dogs are housed in both foster homes as well as in our cozy 7 run kennel located on the horse farm of our founder Carla Brown. Carla has been active in rescue for over 10 years, and founded CPR in 2009 to concentrate her efforts on German Shepherds. After owning shepherds for several years, and becoming active with a local Schutzhund Club, it was only natural to focus her rescue on GSD’s. However, other breeds of dogs do find their way into safety with CPR, and are offered for adoption as well.  

All our dogs are spayed/neutered, current on vaccines, microchipped, and on flea and Heart Worm preventative prior to placement. Adoption fees range from $250 to $500, and only partially cover the costs of vetting and caring of our dogs.  

Each dog that enters our program receives the following basic care, plus any additional care needed. A thorough evaluation of temperament, an initial overview, and an extended evaluation are common before the dog can be posted for adoption. Many times a rehabilitation process takes place ranging from a minimum of two weeks or until the proper environment is located. Like children, dogs need foundational building blocks to give them success and a sense of well being. Our rehabilitation process instills this within each dog, but occurs in different ways depending on the specific needs of the dog and the dog's background. Each dog receives a health overview. This typically includes a rabies, dhpp and bordatella vaccines, heartworm test, heartworm preventative (monthly), spayed or neutered, flea and tick prevention, intestinal parasite check and microchip. Each dog is trained in a number of obedience commands and behaviors, but this is limited according to how long we have the dog. Each dog is started on crate training and housebreaking, as we require the dogs to be members of the family household and positive, productive members of society. We teach a mutual respect between canine and human, which tends to be the source of problems many dog owners face with pet ownership. During training and rehabilitation, each dog is given adequate shelter, food, water, and mental stimulation. Typically, this organization has anywhere from 10-20 dogs in rehabilitation status at any given time, and there are several permanent residents that help them with process of feeling comfortable.