Adoption / Foster Application

We work very hard to ensure that our dogs are matched with the best forever homes! The start of the process is your application. Everything can be completed online and in just a few minutes, but you might want to gather a few things before getting started. You'll need two personal references with their phone numbers, emails, etc. You'll also need the contact information for every veterinary practice you've used in the last 10 years. Start your application using the form below.

Canine Pet Rescue Adoption / Foster Application

Completing this application is the first step in the adoption / foster process.

A few quick tips before you get started:

  • You will need phone numbers and email addresses for two personal references (not family members) who are familiar with you as a pet owner--neighbors, pet sitters, groomers, trainers, etc. make great references. Please let them know we will be calling to speak with them.
  • You will also need phone numbers and addresses for every vet you have used in the past 10 years. This is important, so please read carefully: any pets you own now or have owned in the last 10 years MUST have a corresponding vet and/or records of annual vaccinations and a heartworm test.
  • We will call every vet, so if there is a gap in veterinary care including vaccinations, heartworm tests and preventions, please provide all the necessary information in the application.
  • If your pet has received/receives vaccinations from a shot clinic, please email copies of the records of their vaccinations to with your name and Vet Records in the subject line.
  • If you do not provide accurate information (or if your pets are not current on veterinary care) your application may be denied, so please be detailed with your veterinary information and let us know any gaps in veterinary care and the reasons why so we can better understand your situation before speaking with your vets.
  • We will also verify that your pet is neutered or spayed. If you have or have had an unaltered pet in the last 10 years, please tell us why.
  • You can save your application and return to it later if needed. Just click save at the bottom.
  • In order to advance through the application, please click the next button at the bottom and be sure and click the submit button at the end to submit your application.
  • Unless you are a prior adopter or applying for a puppy under four (4) months of age, we will no longer accept adoption applications from homes with indoor cats. Unfortunately, most rescued German Shepherds have not been properly raised with cats and we cannot guarantee your cat’s safety. While there are always exceptions to this rule, we find ourselves dedicating a large amount of time and resources to processing applications for which we have no suitable dogs.
  • Finally, we oh so love the fact that you're willing to rescue a dog in need. Give yourself a pat on the back for being an amazing person! That said, we want you to understand a few things that factor into our decisions:
    • For most of our dogs, we are looking for homes that have big dog experience, especially herding breeds (which most of our dogs are.)
    • We don't adopt dogs to homes where they'll spend their primary living time outside.
    • These dogs require A LOT of exercise and stimulation. Even the most couch-potato-ish herding dog needs exercise every day.
    • German shepherds (and most other breeds we rescue) are working dogs. They need a "job." For you, that means training and playing and spending time with your dog. If you don't give them a job, they will find chewing up your shoes, or digging big holes in your garden. These dogs require a lot of stimulation...but they reward with an amazing relationship that you won't find with almost any other dog!
    • Most of our dogs are not good fits for multifamily housing. It may take a while longer to find the right dog for you if you live in an apartment or condo.
    • If you rent your home (or live in someone else's home), you must provide a letter from your landlord/the homeowner that specifically says you are approved to own a dog that weighs over 50 lbs. and is a German shepherd or German shepherd mix. Until we receive that letter, we will not process your application. No exceptions.
    • We're not crazy obsessed with you having a fence, but if you don't, we need to understand a clear plan for how you're going to adequately exercise a very big, high energy dog. And while we're talking of fences, most of our dogs can jump a 4 ft. fence as if it's not even there, so keep that in mind too.
    • German shepherds shed...oh my goodness...we can't begin to tell you how much they shed. You won't have dust'll have tumbleweed. We call them German "shedders." No kidding.
    • We usually don't place female German shepherds with other female dogs because oftentimes they don't get along. We do make exceptions, but please note it is a consideration. We won't place any of our male dogs with an unaltered male.
    • Remember what we said about cats? It also goes for small dogs. Some German shepherds do fine with small dogs...others, not so much. We're happy to test with your small dog, but it may take a while to find the right match.

Okay, you've read a lot and we appreciate it. If you're still all in on adopting / fostering one of our dogs, please complete the application and we'll be back with you within 7 days on whether we have dogs that are a potential match for your family and explain further steps in our adoption process. Thanks so much for considering adoption / fostering and Canine Pet Rescue. We look forward to working with you!

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If you've lived at your current address for less than one year, where did you live before?

Do other dogs live in the home?*
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In the last 10 years, have you owned any other pets not listed above?*
Do you certify that all the dogs you've owned in the last 10 years have received regular veterinary care, including annual exams, regular vaccinations, an annual heartworm test, monthly heartworm preventative and monthly flea and tick preventative?*
Do children under the age of 12 live in the home?*
Do you own or rent?*
If you rent, or if someone else besides you owns the home you live in, you will be required to provide a letter from your landlord or the homeowner stating you are allowed to have pets over 50 lbs. and there are no breed restrictions for German shepherds or German shepherd mixes. We will not proceed with your application until we receive this letter from your landlord or the homeowner. Please email to with landlord's or homeowner's full name, email address and phone number. Do you agree with this stipulation?*
Have you owned German shepherds or other working dog breeds before?*
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Additional Details

Have you been responsible for the care (including veterinary expenses) for a large dog before?*
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?*
Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter or another rescue?*
Have you ever euthanized a pet for anything other than a medical recommendation from a veterinarian?*
What type of home do you live in?*
Do you have a fenced-in yard with direct access from your home?*

If Yes...

What type of area do you live in?*
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Friends and Family

It's very important that your dog be compatible with your family, friends and lifestyle. Please let us know about all the people and animals who will be a part of your dog's life.

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Tell us about your favorite activities and how you spend your time.

How would you rate your activity level?*
Do you/do you plan to exercise with your dog?*
Do you/do you plan to take your dog with you (where appropriate) when you participate in activities?*
Do you work outside the home?*
Is it important to you that your dog be able to go to dog parks?*
Is it important to you that your dog be able to go to doggy day care?*
Where will your dog spend most of its time during the day?*
Where will your dog sleep at night?*
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Please let us know your preferences regarding a dog. There are no "wrong" answers. This information just helps us make the best possible match!

My ideal dog would be:*
My ideal dog would be:*
My ideal dog would be:*
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Would you be willing to adopt a dog with special needs? (Deaf, blind, amputee, etc.)*
Are you willing to adopt a dog with special characteristics such as a shorter than normal tail or ears that don't stand up?*
Would you be willing to adopt a senior? (A dog over 7 years old)*
Would you be willing to adopt a puppy?*


We require personal references from at least 2 people who are not family members. Please complete the contact information below and alert your personal references that we'll be calling to speak with them:


Medical Information

Please list any veterinarians you have used in the last 10 years. If there are more than 3, please send an email to with your name and Veterinary References in the Subject Line:

Permission to Obtain Veterinary Medical Records:*
Do/Will Your Pets Receive Regular Vet Check-Ups and Vaccinations?*
Do/Will Your Pets Receive Monthly Heartworm Treatment?*
Do/Will Your Pets Receive Monthly Flea and Tick Treatment?*
Are All Your Pets Spayed or Neutered?*

Adoption Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:*