We Need You!

Canine Pet Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This means that we rely entirely on volunteer donations of both participation and funding. Every hour or dollar you donate means something to us and helps rescue, rehabilitate and re-home a rescued dog. Whether it's $1, $10 or $100 in a fund-raiser jar, or helping out walking dogs, socializing puppies, transporting or fostering, it ALL matters. And believe it or not, these dogs know! Rescue dogs are some of the best pets and friends you'll ever have.

CPR has a number of ways that you can make donations. These donations cover the costs of spaying or neutering dogs, bringing their shots up to date, additional surgery for any injuries, feeding, and other expenses involved with rescue. With the number of dogs that CPR rescues, this adds up fast!


Take a look at our list of upcoming events for fund raising. We've had great turnouts at these events, and we'd LOVE to see you at the next one. And be sure to check out the list of past events.

Donations (Funds)

We have a donation page where you can become a recurring monthly or one-time donor through PayPal. If you're a Facebook member (and if you are, be sure to search for 'Canine Pet Rescue' and "Like" us!), you can also become a $5 a month or $1 a month fan (this last one is special to us because while children under 10 can't volunteer at the kennel due to safety concerns, it lets them participate and make a difference).

Donations (Goods)

If you'd rather help our wonderful dogs by donating goods instead of funds, we have a way for that, too. Kennels have hard floors, and Karunda Beds are rugged, elevated beds that keep them from chewing blankets and getting sore knees. We also like Thundershirts for dogs that get stressed out during thunderstorms or have anxiety problems. See the Donate Goods page for links to purchase items for donation to our favorite breed.


Another way to help is to shop with us. We've partnered with several companies that donate a portion of the purchase price back to CPR when you order through our page. You'll help us and help your dog when you buy any of these items. We're also a member of the iGive network, where your normal internet shopping purchases can help us. See our Special Partners page for details.

Your Time

Besides donations of money, we can use your time, too! If you'd like to volunteer at the farm, please email sean@remove-thiscaninepetrescue.com. German Shepherds love to help their humans get plenty of exercise, and we've got lots of room. We also need people we can call on to transport dogs to the vet and back, wash dogs, help with transport and loads of other stuff.


Lastly, but far from least, one of the most rewarding things you can do is foster a dog. Fostering is a great way to help evaluate, socialize, and train a German Shepherd Dog to go to his/her's "furever" home. You have the reward of knowing you helped save a dog, and the dog is rewarded by being a good canine citizen. Don't let the idea that "Oh, I'll become too attached to give it up" stop you! It may be difficult, but there's the next dog that needs your help.