Adoption Application

We work very hard to ensure that our dogs are matched with the best forever homes!  The start of the process is your application. Everything can be completed online and in just a few minutes, but you might want to gather a few things before getting started.


*Our goal is to find the best match for you and your situation as well as for our dogs.  Sometimes that is the dog you apply for and sometimes it is not.  Please be open to adopting dogs other than the one you applied for.

We STRONGLY prefer homes with German Shepherd or other working dog experience.   Rescued GSDs are often not the easiest of dogs to live with until a significant amount of time and money is invested into training. If your prior dogs were small, or labs or other kind and gentle breeds, a GSD may not be the right dog for you.  

*We will not process incomplete applications or applications where questions have not been answered as requested. We are all volunteers and do not have the resources to dig for information. 

*Have the contact information for any vets offices or clinics you have used in the last 10 years for current and/or past pets handy before you begin.  You will also need the phone number and email address for 2 personal references that can attest to your ability with dogs (that are NOT family members).

*We no longer accept applications from homes with cats. We love cats!! Sadly most GSDs love them too, but not in a healthy way!! 

*A fence is not mandatory for most dogs, but there are some which will require a fenced yard.  Your activity level will be a large factor in this equation. If gardening, reading, knitting and watching tv are your favorite hobbies, a young crazy GSD rescue just might not be the best fit, but a mature adult may be :) 

*Puppies - we do not always have puppies.  If we have them and they are available, they will be on our website.  Please note that we only adopt puppies local to the metro Atlanta area.   We do require prior dog ownership history for puppy adoptions, they will not be adopted to first time dog owners.   

Remember what we said about training? All adopters are required to enroll in an obedience class within one week of adoption and begin training within 30 days of adoption. We also offer complimentary virtual and phone advice/training sessions with one of our trainers. We want your adoption to be a success and we are here to help make that happen!!

To ADOPT a dog, please start your application using the form below.

To FOSTER a dog, please CLICK HERE.